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 If your company has ever run a conference, you can afford your own professionally produced online TV show to communicate internally or externally. We provide all the editorial content creation and programme formatting for you, the streaming platform – plus free coaching for all your contributors. 

Ideal for websites, social media and as pre-recorded inserts for virtual conferences.

The research is clear: people want to watch videos, rather than read more articles. And those videos need to be focussed and highly relevant to the interests of your different audiences so they want to know more about who you are, what you do and most importantly, what results you help create for your clients. And the videos need to be professionally made.

That’s what Pro Online TV does. 

We turn boring online meetings into professionally produced shows with the look and feel of something you’d choose to watch on TV. 

We help our clients hone their key messages to create engaging interviews, with free coaching to help your interviewees come across in the best possible way. (That includes making your bosses look and sound amazing!)

Relevant professional interviews will bring your website to life too. Use them for sales, marketing, PR and training. Or add some production pizazz to your virtual conferences by inserting pre-recorded, high-quality video interviews.

Introductory Prices

3 easy options:

A professionally produced online video interview for £750 GBP.

Two edited interviews for £1,250 GBP.

Live or pre-recorded online TV production for £3,000 GBP.

Using our editorial expertise and production skills, we do everything to make you look and sound GREAT – and engage with your different audiences. 

For London Speaker Bureau, Roy Sheppard interviewed Dame Carolyn Fairbairn, former Director-General of the CBI (Confederation of British Industry) LIVE and interactive to share her point of view on the future role and opportunities women have in the business world today. This insightful discussion also covers topics such as Inclusion in the workplace, digital transformation and International Trade.

"Knowledge Oman" in the Middle East invited Roy to host a LIVE interactive TV show interviewing Roger Fisk, former political strategist to President Barack Obama. Production was in Muscat in Oman, Roy was in the UK  while Roger Fisk was in Washington DC, USA.

EACTS (the European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery) invited Roy to host four one hour LIVE TV shows at the end of each day of their first ever annual virtual congress. Production was in Rennes, France. Roy was in the UK. Live guests dropped in from all over the world including: Los Angeles, Uruguay, the UK and Switzerland.

"Thought-Leaders with Roy Sheppard" with mental toughness expert Penny Mallory and Caspar Craven the entrepreneur, adventurer and high-performance team expert.


We also shoot and edit video interviews such as this one for The London Speaker Bureau, the largest speaker bureau in the world. The interview was conducted remotely, using two high definition video cameras: one in our TV studio, the other on location at the offices of the London Speaker Bureau.



ZimmerBiomet, the $8.6 billion medical devices company commissioned us to create an online course to help orthopaedic surgeons give more engaging medical presentations. You can enrol on this course by clicking the image below.

Business Development

For professionals who feel uncomfortable about selling themselves, this online course teaches how to generate a steady stream of high-quality referrals for your business. You can enrol on this course by clicking the image below.


Helping you clarify your desired communication and commercial outcomes and honing your key messages. Then creating a format and structure for your TV show. Selecting the TV presenter (additional costs may be incurred).

Produce and Coach

It is our job to make your contributors look and sound GREAT on-camera. A lot of that is helping them relax and coaching them to appear more confident on-camera.


In the lead up and on the day of the broadcast, we will work with you to fine-tune the script, conduct a technical run-through, give briefs to contributors and help everyone (including the audience) to have a positive experience.

Uses for online TV



Internal Communication


Press conferences


Public relations

FAQs on video

Free tips for all video interviewees and online presenters

My LinkedIn video has been viewed thousands of times. I am confident even experienced online presenters will learn a few new tricks from this 10 minute video tutorial.

If you’d like some specific coaching, please get in touch via the contact form on this page.

How it works


My role as an Online Executive TV producer, interviewer and presenter is to help my clients become more focussed, succinct, articulate and relevant to their audiences.

Professional TV is extremely disciplined and structured. Applying the same rigour, production techniques and skills to virtual conferences will improve the audience experience by making the conference more engaging and effective.

EVERY TV show has a very detailed format and structure. The best formats are invisible to the audience.

Most webinars and virtual conferences aren’t created with the same level of focus or attention to detail. I help my clients design and deliver a highly professional online TV experience for your attendees.

Our packages include; pre-production, creating an engaging format, selecting the most appropriate online platform, deciding on who will take part, preparing and agreeing interview questions, coaching interviewees, going live, delivering the recording for future use.

In these uncertain times, every business regardless of the products or services you offer is now in the reassurance business. This cannot be stressed enough.

The types of professional online TV shows I produce and present for my clients help reassure potential clients that your company is the one they need to talk to.

There are a HUGE number of technical and creative TV videographers to choose from.

What makes me different is that I focus on helping you fine-tune your message to create relevant, engaging and informational video and TV content. That also look good.

  • We talk on the phone/Zoom (at no charge) about your business/ organisation and what you would like your TV show to achieve. We will uncover the various options open to you.
  • We will agree the TV style, look and feel (formal/informal, documentary or ‘cinematic’) and who your programmes will feature (colleagues and/or customers) and whether they will be live or pre-recorded.
  • I will provide you with a written quote based on what has been agreed.  There are no hidden extras. What we quote, is what you pay.
  • A detailed programme script and running order will be created for your approval.
  • A broadcast time and date will be agreed.
  • You will promote the show internally and/or externally.
  • We will do technical ‘dry-runs’.
  • Guests will be invited to rehearse.
  • Guests will be coached.
  • On the designated date we will have a final rehearsal before going LIVE, or start the recording.



    I recently worked with Roy on a project for a global pharmaceutical company. Roy was brought in to be the moderator of a European webcast. This was a complex project on difficult subject matter. Roy was able to quickly assimilate into the project, ask the right questions in the run-up, and seamlessly moderate the 2 hour webcast. Within this, he moderated a panel discussion with 5 panelists, being able to balance different opinions and let everyone’s voice be heard. Roy brought a great degree of oversight and in-depth knowledge to the project and was absolutely wonderful to work with!”  

    Carlyn Martina-Mamber

    Global Medical Communications Expert, Neuroscience at Takeda

    Being able to capture attention is paramount. You absolutely need top notch speakers and even more – someone who can interact, manage, give rhythm and be the voice of the audience. That is almost an art, and this is where Roy excels. His versatility, his ability to organize a discussion topic or lead, give not just a professional dimension to your event but the extra mile that makes it a unique experience. Whether it is in front of a camera – eg virtual- or on stage, I am looking to soon collaborate again with Roy.”

    Nicola Rossetti

    Global CMO, Leni Event Tech

    In 2017 when our FRESH conference went online as a multi-hub conference, Roy gave a great performance as our chief moderator. He was leading, from Brussels, 4 other moderators in 4 other cities in Poland, Holland, Portugal and the UK. As an experienced TV host, Roy understands how to involve online audiences and how to work with nervous online speakers or even online panels… His expertise and talent, makes an online event look so much more professional. Roy is an energetic, eloquent and brilliant MC and moderator who just gets people engaged and energised in a way you would not expect from an online event. 

    Maarten Vanneste

    Owner, Meeting Design Institute

    Roy is known for providing a ‘light-touch, with deep understanding’.

    About Roy Sheppard


    I have been a professional TV producer, presenter and interviewer for over 30 years: on BBC network radio and TV, online and at major international conferences. (The pictures above were taken in Dubai in late 2019 when I interviewed the former President of Mexico Filipe Calderon and the former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

    I have interviewed presidents, Nobel prize winners, global CEOs and corporate executives, scientists, doctors and surgeons, academics, actors, singers, sports stars and the most challenging (and sometimes most soul-destroying!) interviews in the world – ‘vox-popping’ THOUSANDS of ordinary people on the street and with delegates at conferences around the world.

    I’ve also chaired countless panel discussions including two hour live medical webcasts with professors and clinicians, whilst handling live questions submitted from hospitals throughout Europe.



    If you’d like some help creating and delivering high-quality online TV shows for your business or organisation, please get in touch to arrange a free phone consultation.

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