Meet Presenter and Interviewer Roy Sheppard.

Roy has been a professional TV producer, presenter and interviewer for over 30 years: on BBC network radio (BBC Radio 2, Radio 4 and Radio 5, World Service, BBC Radio Wales.) and TV (BBC1, BBC South East, BBC Wales, BBC West), LBC Radio in London, online and at major international conferences.

Roy has interviewed presidents, Nobel prize winners, global CEOs and corporate executives, scientists, doctors and surgeons, academics, actors, singers, sports stars and the most challenging (and sometimes most soul-destroying!) interviews in the world – ‘vox-popping’ THOUSANDS of ordinary people on the street and with delegates at conferences around the world.

He has also chaired countless panel discussions including two hour live medical webcasts with professors and clinicians, whilst handling live questions submitted from hospitals throughout Europe. 

Based on decades training and helping countless freelancers, Roy is also the founder of an online platform for the world’s freelancers: www.FreelancerSupport.Online

Roy is known for providing a ‘light-touch, with deep understanding’.

In 2017 when our FRESH conference went online as a multi-hub conference, Roy gave a great performance as our chief moderator. He was leading, from Brussels, 4 other moderators in 4 other cities in Poland, Holland, Portugal and the UK. As an experienced TV host, Roy understands how to involve online audiences and how to work with nervous online speakers or even online panels… His expertise and talent, makes an online event look so much more professional. Roy is an energetic, eloquent and brilliant MC and moderator who just gets people engaged and energised in a way you would not expect from an online event. 

Maarten Vanneste

Owner, Meeting Design Institute

julia gillard interviewed by roy sheppard

Above: Roy Sheppard interviewing Julia Gillard, former Prime Minister of Australia and

Felipe Calderon, former President of Mexico.


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