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What Makes Us Different

What makes us different is how we focus on the EDITORIAL component – getting your messaging right – not the TV technology, which these days, is often the easy part!

The programmes we create can be live or pre-recorded. Uploaded or streamed. For websites, social media as well as live and virtual conferences. Get in touch for an informal chat about how we can help you.

dr julia shaw and penny mallory

Example: Live Online TV

May 2022 – 3,000 members of the European Society of Endocrinology attended their first annual congress since COVID restrictions were lifted. Roy was the MC and facilitator on-stage but also running alongside the congress were 2 x daily LIVE 30 minute online TV shows first introduced at their previous online event. It proved so popular with remote delegates as well as in-person attendees. Each afternoon show we previewed highlights for the next day. The morning show reflected on the highlights from the previous day. The content was medical and scientific (not for members of the public) so here are some of Roy’s TV links and interview questions only.

New Ways to Approach Online TV and Video Creation

In the past, conversations about whether to use online video and live-streaming for internal or external communications, invariably start with the ‘technology’. In our view, this is absolutely the wrong starting point.

          • What is FAR more important is WHY you want to use video or live-streaming?
          • What do you want to achieve?
          • What do you want to say?
          • How could you benefit from professional help to fine-tune your messaging?
          • What structure/format does your live-stream or interviews need in order to fully engage your audience(s)?
          • Will it be a one-way ‘broadcast’, or do you want it to be interactive?<
          • How interactive?
          • ‘Live’, pre-recorded, or recorded ‘as live’?
          • How experienced are your contributors?
          • Do they need coaching: to more clearly articulate what they need to say?
          • Who within your team needs on-camera ‘performance’ coaching?

        • If you did all this yourself, how happy would you, your colleagues or your customers/clients be if your organisation came across as ‘enthusiastic amateurs’ rather than media-savvy professionals?These are just some of the many questions we ask our clients as part of a no-strings attached, free initial consultation. Based on the output from such conversations, we then work with the client to decide on the next steps. Sometimes our conversations lead to a recommendation NOT to proceed with what they thought they wanted/needed. We invariably offer better options they hadn’t considered.

Example: Live Webinar

London Speaker Bureau (LSB) are the largest speaker bureau in the world. LSB hired Roy to interview Carolyn Fairbairn, former Director General of the CBI in a live webinar.

Example: Pre-recorded Video Interview

Again, for London Speaker Bureau, Roy pre-recorded an in-depth interview with Dr Julia Shaw.During COVID, Dr Shaw was at the LSB offices in London which was equipped with high-definition video and professional audio equipment, while Roy was at his well-equipped TV studio in the West Country.

Please note: the original is ultra high-definition. This is a low resolution version.

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