Professionally Produced and Affordable Video Interviews

Shooting and editing complex interviews is our specialty.

Expertly edited, our interviews capture your key messages succinctly and professionally.  Such interviews can be used to spread your messages internally as well as externally. And if you want your website and social media channels to attract more visitors, Google prioritises optimised video content over text.

Traditionally, professional interviews were expensive to produce – requiring expensive equipment and a team comprising a director, an interviewer as well as camera, sound, lighting and editing professionals. For professional video interviews, that’s not always necessary any more.  We do it all in a way that’s very affordable for you (typically in the region of £1,200-£1,500 plus actual expenses – such as travel or accomodation).

Professor Jean-Noel Argenson

Detailed video interview about career insights with Professor Jean-Noel Argenson for a medical mentoring programme.

We Make Your People Look and Sound Amazing

Some of the best interviews don’t include the interviewer in the final edit. The majority of documentaries are shot this way. It’s the skill of the interviewer who draws out the best from each interviewee. We are experts at doing that. Part of that is how we coach each person to look and sound excellent. We are responsible for their performance.

Take a moment to imagine who we could interview for you (especially those who are not natural ‘speakers’). We can interview senior executives, industry experts, front-line workers, and customers.

And think about how and where you could share them. The opportunities are limitless.

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If you’d like to discuss how we could create professional video and audio interviews for your organisation, please get in touch to arrange a free phone consultation.

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